Zerggiee Stardust

If you can’t pronounce her name it’s okay, you’re not alone! Hery name is Jessie but she is also known in the cosplay world as Zerggiee (Zerg-ē). The name was inspired by Zurg from Toy Story but then spelled like the Zerg in Starcraft. She made her first cosplay when she was 12 and wore it every year to Fanime. Within the past 5 years she started making more cosplays and attending more conventions and here she is today!

She have always been artsy and loved designing her own characters, but cosplay has given her a whole new artistic outlet to express herself in. Whether she stick strictly to the source material, or give it her own twist, she love bringing these characters to life and putting a bit of herself into it as well.

She mostly cosplay from video games and anime. Her favorite game is Mass Effect and she is 110% Bioware trash obsessed. Her favorite anime is probably Haruhi Suzumiya (except endless eight, they pretend that never happened). It’s one of the first series she watched and fell absolutely in love with when she was younger and she never get tired of it. She enjoy her fair share of comics as well! Her favorite is Dr. Strange.


Zerggiee Stardust
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