Hi! She is Vamplette! Cosplayer, artist, and gamer! Her first video game was the Barney game on sega genesis when she was 4 years old. Now she play League of Legends, Hearthstone, Street fighter, and scary games!

She don’t have a set schedule… because of her other job being all over the place, but she hope to post and share update of her works 3 times a week minimum.


@vamplettes on Instagram


Twitch Live Stream:

Official Accounts & Links:

:lock: OnlyFans

:flower_playing_cards: Patreon

:camera: Instagram

:triangular_flag_on_post: Facebook Fan Page

:bird: Twitter

:red_square: YouTube

:robot: Reddit User

:robot: Reddit Subreddit

:joystick: Twitch

:tumbler_glass: Tumblr

:link: Storenvy


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