Hello there everyone! :slight_smile: Her name is Lysande, a german cosplayer.

She do create some of her costumes herself, learned sewing completely on her own, same goes for prop making, crafting overall, wigstyling, makeup and so on. She love what she do and she love sharing her work and the joy with others on many social media - she is really active and spend most of her freetime for cosplay. :>

She love to impersonate anime and game characters, this is why cosplay became such an important hobby. Her variety of costumes doesn’t only consider cute or sexy costumes, she can offer a whole lot of different costumes of any kind, because she want to evolve. she is aiming to improve all the time - and there is no challenge she wouldn’t take! :slight_smile:


@LysandeArts on Twitter

Official Accounts & Links:

:lock: OnlyFans

:flower_playing_cards: Patreon

:bird: Twitter

:robot: Reddit User

:robot: Reddit Subreddit


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