Lux Organa

Her name is Lux. She do cosplay, photography and modeling.

She started cosplaying between 2009 and 2012 but she left it for a while to dedicate herself to other projects and to finish studying the degree and she resumed it approximately in 2015 intermittently, once she graduated she decided to do it as something constant and that has brought her to this point and she would love to have your support! Cosplay is one of her favorite things in the world and she would very much like to be able to keep improving every month and offer better rewards to everyone who enjoys her work and supports her to continue to carry it out. During the month she will be uploading diverse content such as sneak peeks of the sessions to come, concept progress / cosplays when applicable, polls, posts about cinema, cosplay, anime, video games and many more topics! In addition to cosplay, she have a full-time job, which may influence the date she submit photos from month to month - but she will never completely stop uploading content because she want to continue to share her passion for cosplay and photography with you.


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