Her name is Laura and she is a cosplayer since 2007!
This page is for those who want to support her and her cosplay work! :blush:

She have decided to open a Patreon page mainly to share her extra content. She’s not gonna stop doing her main projects on social medias, and this platform is and will stay for those who want some extra and sexy content!

She’s doing hot and fanservice cosplay, but not nude, please don’t ask for it. She like this format!

She really like making cosplay and photography. You do not need to support her, but your support helps her make more content!


@lauramunay on Instagram

Official Accounts & Links:

:lock: OnlyFans

:flower_playing_cards: Patreon

:camera: Instagram

:triangular_flag_on_post: Facebook Fan Page

:bird: Twitter

:musical_note: TikTok

:robot: Reddit User

:robot: Reddit Subreddit


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