Hi Katana Cosplay

Her name is Katana. She Don’t make Lewd stuff !
She is a cosplayer, cosmaker, lvl 23, random faces, memes, and love for everyone, animal lover.

She have been cosplaying for 10 years and it shows that she’s barely doing it 2/3, she do not believe herself more than anyone, she have made many mistakes like everyone else, but right now she’s in perfect harmony with the world and she would like to continue like this :two_hearts: SheI love animals, food, she is allergic to gluten, she do not like watermelon, nor the sea, at some point she did martial arts, dance and those things as a girl. Well her favorite fruit is cherry, she don’t smoke, she just exist and cosplay.


@hi_katana on Instagram

Official Accounts & Links:

:camera: Instagram

:triangular_flag_on_post: Facebook Fan Page

:bird: Twitter

:coffee: Ko-fi


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