🔥 Free Shoutouts! Incl. 1M+ follower Snapchat!

It’s free, easy, ongoing and hands free.

Simply follow the instructions on creating a verified ModelArt listing and account and joining one of our promo groups. Steps 1-4.

That’s all. So long as you complete step 4 (joining one of our promo groups) in the verification instructions, you will most likely be eligible to receive free ongoing shoutouts with no further action. We highly recommending joining the Gold promo group instead of Silver for maximum promotion potential.

Note that some accounts may not be promoted if we deem them unsuitable, we expect these to be rare cases however. You do not need a large following to be eligible.

How do the shoutouts work?

Your content (as per your promo group membership) will be posted on our social accounts such as (but not limited to) Instagram, Facebook (Fan Page) and Twitter. We’ll link to your account(s) as suitable for each platform and/or your ModelArt verified listing/account.

We will then link to one of these posts using a Snapchat shoutout (1M+ followers). We will promote verified users who are members of our promotion groups on a regular ongoing basis.