Danielle Vedovelli 🌸

She is Danielle Vedovelli, a brazilian cosplayer, model and content creator.
She started cosplaying at the end of 2013 and her life has changed completely since then. Some years later she started doing some modeling photoshoots as well!
She’s a huge martial arts lover and used to be a 2nd gub Taekwondist (WTF), but she got injured so currently she still on hiatus. Hoping to come back in the future!
She is also a German Shepherd mom so you may see some dog posts around here.


@DanieVedo on Instagram


Twitch Live Stream:

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:lock: OnlyFans

:flower_playing_cards: Patreon

:camera: Instagram

:triangular_flag_on_post: Facebook Fan Page

:bird: Twitter

:red_square: YouTube

:joystick: Twitch

:railway_track: Gumroad

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:link: Official Website


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