She is Ashlynne Dae, you can call her Ash! She is a cosplayer, model,

streamer and huge nerd with a dumb sense of humor & gamer jetting around the world convention to convention.!

She have been cosplaying for 5+ years at various cons on the West Coast of sunny California and Internationally. What started out as a hobby while she whiled away the hours working through school has become her full time job and she couldn’t be happier about it!

SheI have been able to develop a very supportive group of friends and
followers through my time cosplaying and she wouldn’t give that for the world!

Cosplay means so much to her and has been a huge part of her life for so
long. She truly love creating and portraying her favorite characters, and making the costumes, styling the wigs, and applying the makeup is half the fun!

Aside from making and wearing cosplay you can find her streaming games and
builds on Twitch, being a supreme derp, and adoring booties (because
booties are best).


@ashlynnedae on Instagram

Twitch Live Stream:

Official Accounts & Links:

:lock: OnlyFans

:flower_playing_cards: Patreon

:camera: Instagram

:triangular_flag_on_post: Facebook Fan Page

:bird: Twitter

:joystick: Twitch

:link: Official Website


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