Anna Lynn

Hi! Her name is Annalynn. She is a northern California based cosplayer. This is a place for her to connect with people she have met at cons and for all her pictures!

She’s a college student who enjoys dressing up on the weekends and going to conventions! She started cosplaying at Anime Expo 2013 so she’s still really new to this, but with each cosplay she make she get better and more confident with her skills!

She mainly have convention photos as there aren’t too many cosplay photographers where she is that she know of! If you know of any Northern California cosplay photographers please give me a heads up!

She feel that cosplaying and becoming the characters that she love is the ultimate way show her appreciation of them! It makes her so incredibly happy to have met so many people who share the same passions and interests as her! She hope that you stick around and have as much fun as she is :smiley:


Anna Lynn
@anna_lynn_cos_ on Instagram

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