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Sinastri offers gravure, cosplay, and creative content.

She have been cosplaying on and off for what feels like forever - her first convention was in 2007, and she wore a costume she’d bought off a friend. Since then, it’s been a crazy journey and a great learning experience. She always surprised with how many crafting methods and materials are well known now! No longer are they in the days of wonderflex and cardboard :wink:

While cosplaying is a huge part of her life, her other hobbies are just as important to her. Reading, watching shows, and gaming are all dual-purpose. Not only do they help her de-stress, but they also supply her with ideas, excitement, and references for new costumes!

Originally sheI went to school for teaching, and while she still have her certification it just isn’t for her. She enjoyed her time in the classroom, but she feel like she wasn’t able to give 100% - and that’s what the kids deserve! So after working and saving up for another year, she went back to school once again, and am now working full time in admin at a local hospital :slight_smile:


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